Vortens Defective Toilet Update

Vortens Defective Toilet Update

Vortens Toilet Update

Vortens Defective Toilet Update

Vortens Update

We posted an alert back in February 2014 for homeowners of some defective toilets manufactured by Vortens. At the time we believed the problem only effected their toilets manufactured from 2011-2012 and were mostly located in Southeast Texas. Since then we have been contacted by people from all over the country with toilets manufactured as long ago as 2009 that have experienced flooded homes and buildings due to these defective toilets. The problem appears to begin with a crack in the porcelain tank that holds the water that finally breaks due to the water pressure inside the tank. The result is a catastrophic mess!

If you have had a toilet installed in your home since 2009 it would be wise to make sure it is not a Vortens toilet manufactured during this time. To do so, remove the lid on the tank to see if it is stamped “Vortens”.  If it is you can contact Vortens directly to see if your toilet might be at risk or simply replace it with a different toilet by another manufacturer.

Vortens is still a major supplier of bathroom toilets and lavatories to the construction industry today and is aware of the problem. If you’ve experienced a problem with one of these toilets the company will need the following information for documentation:

1. Description of the defect
2. Photographs of the defect and the installed unit showing the problem (without uninstalling the unit)
3. Proof of Purchase and date of installation
4. Barcode of the defective unit (as shown on back of tank)
5. Photographs of the following components without uninstalling them:
Tank bolts (2) , metal washers (2), expansive rubber washers(2) bolts (2)
6. Photographs of the inside of the tank (showing complete tank).
7. Document with photographs the damages as a result of the defective unit.

Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance to you.

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4 Responses to "Vortens Defective Toilet Update"

  1. valerie novy says:

    My downstairs toilet cracked and flodded the entire downstairs of my townhouse about 4 years ago. My two other bathrooms have the Vortens toilet. If there’s any other information regarding this, please keep me in the loop.
    Valerie Novy

  2. Patti Jett says:

    Oh my gosh! This exact thing happened to us last November – a crack almost exactly like the one in the picture. We were on vacation and luckily the person feeding our cat went to use that bathroom. She noticed the leak and shut off the water or we’d have been flooded!!! Vortens replaced the tank – since it was still under warranty. Do you think this is a fix, or should we replace the whole thing with a new brand? We have 4 of them in the house!!!!

  3. Ron Washington says:

    Thank you for the information in your Vortens Defective Toilet Update. However, I believe the problem may go back even further than your previous findings!

    I purchased a Village Builders home in Spring, Texas back in early 2002 (the home was built in the fall of 2001). My home had 4 Vortens toilets installed by the builder.

    In December of 2006, my first Vortens toilet tank (model #3468) spontaneously cracked in a rarely used guest bathroom on the second floor, but because someone was home and heard the water flowing, we managed to limit the damage by shutting off the water. We purchased a replacement tank (model #3464) from Northside Plumbing Supply, Inc. in Houston (previously located at 11501 West Hardy, Houston, TX 77076) and that tank is still in use today.

    In August of 2015, my second Vortens toilet tank (model #3468) spontaneously cracked in our master bathroom, but once again, someone was home, heard the water flowing and we again managed to limit the damage by shutting off the water. We purchase a completely new toilet/tank (different brand) from Home Depot and had it professionally installed in our master bathroom. But since 2 of my 4 toilet tanks had spontaneously cracked (a 50% failure rate), I didn’t want to take any chances with the remaining tanks, so I also purchased two replacement tanks (model #3412) from Northside Plumbing Supply, Inc. (now located at 9605 Kirkton Dr., Houston, TX 77095), both of which are still in use today. And from a recent report on KPRC, it sounds like even the replacement tanks I purchased last year (2015) could defective!

    So, I just wanted to share my experience with you and others in hopes that it helps someone avoid a catastrophe.

    Kind regards,

  4. Kate says:

    I am in Alabama and my Vortens toilet just cracked and leaked all over my second floor bathroom. Wish I knew about this before now. I had no idea it was a problem for others until I read your articles while searching for claims info!

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