Choose cool blues or you could lose

Color matters when selling a home

Summer is typically the busiest time of the year to buy or sell a home.  For those selling are hoping to get as much as possible for their homes.  So in the course of getting a home ready to market, many real estate professionals will typically advise their clients to put a fresh coat of neutral white paint on the walls in order attract as many as  prospective buyers possible.  But a new study from  Zillow  found that choosing the right color had a bigger impact when selling your home and often brought premium prices for home sellers. 

Zillow’s 2017 Paint Color Analysis looked at more than 32, 000 photos of homes for sale across the country and found that for-sale homes with rooms painted in shades of light gray or cool blue’s sold for more money than homes painted in other colors or shades of white. 

I would be interested in knowing what local real estate professionals think?

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